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Beeches Junior School

Aspire, Believe, Strive, Achieve

Year 4


Fierce competition in Year 4 this week.

Over Christmas Year 4  were challenged to learn 30 words and on Thursday 14th January

they were tested on these words.

The Year 4 teachers have chosen six children from each class to compete in

round two on Thursday 21st January.

Who will be the ultimate winner?




Pasta Tasting

Last week we made pasta. We also tried pasta ourselves. After we tried the pasta, we had to fill in a booklet. In the booklet we had a choice to rate the smell, texture, flavour abd colour out of three stars!

We had a year 4 competition to make their own pasta sauce.

1st place was Spruces

2nd place was Birches

3rd place was Palms

It was a lot of fun taking part tasting and making. We ate lots of vegetables.

Written by Kaneez and Plumer.