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Beeches Junior School

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Danger! Danger!

" We are designing a poster to warn people that electricity can be dangerous."

Written by Reegan

"My poster informs people about how power cables can be dangerous and that water is a good electrical conductor. SO WATCH OUT!" 

written by Henry 


We Are Bright Sparks

We have enjoyed learning about Circuits and Conductors.

We learnt how to construct  a circuit and that not all materials conduct electricity.

Materials that do not conduct electricity are called insulators.



Crime at school

 Birches investigated.

Year 4 wall display
Year 4 wall display

Pasta and Vegetables

Palms, Birches and Spruces had a competition where they

had to make a good pasta sauce.

We came second and it tasted great.



Investigating Sound

We had fun investigating sound.

We learnt that sound is caused by vibrations.

We learnt that sound needs a carrier: air, solid or water.


Working wall on Invaders and Settlers.

Open Day

We has a great mess fun building Anglo Saxon houses

and constructing paper mache helmets.