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Gifted and Talented

Today (15/3/16) we went to the Academy and took part in the 'Gifted and Talented' session. We took part in three lessons, English, Maths and Science.Maths was my favorite because we played Countdown and the Cube. We had a great time.

Written by Deenah.

I really enjoyed today, when we went over to Perry Beeches Academy. I especially enjoyed the maths, when we played the games Countdown and the Cube. I also enjoyed the science when we had to solve the crime of 'Who murdered Mrs Russell?"

Written by Inass.

At the Academy we attended for the Gifted and Talented session. We did an English lesson based on descriptive  writing. In science we had to solve a murder using chromatography (the separating of substances). In all it was an excellent day.

Written by Harry.

Today we went to the Academy for the gifted and talented . We had an English, Maths and Science quiz. They were all great. My team came 3rd in English, 4th in Science and 2nd in Maths. However sadly overall my team finished last.

   Written by Alfie.

The Black Country Living Museum

On Wednesday 2nd March 2016 all of year 5 went to the Black Country Living Museum. We got to visit lots of olden shops and learnt a lot of information. We also got a tour through a coal mine, which was a lot of fun and interesting. Despite the bad weather, we had a great trip. 

Written by Sarah (Sycamores) 

I thought it was sensational, although we were caught in bad weather. We went to see many different things including the Blacksmith, which was good. We went to  Doos Chemist, but unfortunately we were caught in the heavy snow. Also we went down the mine, this was my favourite part. I was looking forward to the experience all day. It turned out to be FABULOUS!

Written by Alfie (Sycamores)

The Planetarium

Jayden (Pines) commented " When I went into the planetarium I learnt a lot about the planets, moons and dwarf planets. I learnt that you can fit 1.3 million Earths inside the sun. There are also many dwarf planets in the galaxy.

Olivia (Pines)  commented, "I think it was a lot of fun and very educational at the same time. Probably my favourite part was when Mr Allen spun around the constellations inside the dome. We learnt about all the planets too."



Orientation in Sutton Park.

Living Eggs 2016

Day 1: On the 7th of March 2016, Year 5 had the chicks! When they arrived,they were resting in their cosy eggs, inside the incubator, waiting to gaze at the wonderful outside world. We all hope they start pipping soon! By Hannah

Day 2: The next day,on the 8th of March , the chicks started pipping! We could hear the faint sound of the chirping! The whole of Pines are very eggcited to see the chicks! We all  hope that they will hatch very soon! By Faiza

Black History at Perry Beeches Academy

On Thursday 15th October 2015 Year 5 were invited to celebrate Black History Month at Perry Beeches Academy.  Mrs Townsend (ICT Teacher) introduced the assembly by telling us that we were celebrating those Black and Asian people who have created inventions that changed our lives. People like Walter Tull, the first black footballer. Garrett Morgan who invented the gas mask and the traffic lights and many more. The students expressed this through song, poems, readings, dance and drama. The assembly was excellent.

After the assembly we did 3 workshops on dance, drama and music.  Cedars did the work shop on drama where they explored three words "Separation" "Freedom" and  "Unity" using a technique called tableau, meaning frozen image.

Pines did the workshop on dance, learning a great dance routine.