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Year 6


Year 6 Disco ... Year 6 Disco ... Year 6 Disco ...

On Thursday 14th July, we had our leavers disco. The food was good, the music was fantastic. Everyone was happy and I had a good time. - Maariya.

The food was lovely and I loved dancing - Jodie.

The music was fantastic and the food was delicious. - Meghan.


Today we went into the hall to have a morning full of mathematics, it was called Destination Maths. We had a briefing from the pilot and the co-pilot and then we had to put our seat belts on and we flew off into some amazing mathematical problems. We had 12 different countries like Brazil, England, U.S.A, France and many others. Basically there was a different problem for each country and if you complete that problem you will get two stars in our booklet called the itinerary. There was a co-pilot called Teffer and our pilot Teffer.


My favourite problem was the bridge-making, it was sooo hard! But I enjoyed it nonetheless. My partner Khadijah was with me for the ride and we had a great laugh! I really enjoyed it but sadly at the end we had to stop. We ended up with 20 stickers but the winners had 24 and they got a certificate but nevertheless everyone else got one too.

By Danny




Today we went into the hall for a special performance about maths. First, we sat with our selected partners then we listened carefully and precisely.

The assembly was a geography-maths fusion. There were 12 countries: Egypt, India, USA, Canada, Italy, Kenya, France, Brazil, China, Pakistan, Australia and Birmingham (because we live in Birmingham).

Alisha was my partner and our first destination was India.

We completed India and the cabin crew handed us two stickers for our travel itinerary.

Alisha and I completed all of the countries except for USA.

We managed to get two skyscrapers but not the third one.

Sadly, Pilot/Captain Teffer rang the bell for the end of the activity.

We enjoyed our experience and we hope this happens again


By Fred


This morning we met Pilot Teffer and Co-Pilot Teffer who took us to many countries which included maths problems. My partner Katelyn and I managed to get to all of the different countries: Kenya, USA, Egypt, Canada, Italy, France, Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, Australia and UK Birmingham. As you may know in Kenya they grow cocoa beans, we had to put the right amount of beans in each bag.

In Pakistan they have striking buildings called mosques. We had to build all different types of designs that are used as features on a mosque.

I enjoyed all of the activities and would like to thank Destination Maths for their fabulous work.

By Ruby




DATE FOR YOUR DIARIES: SATs week is Monday 9th May 2016.

Full details about the breakfast club etc will follow.