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This morning we did Destination Maths and the pilot gave us a travel itinerary. One of the countries was highlighted and that was the one we had to start at. My partner was Abubakr and our highlighted country was India. The second one we had to visit was England and then we had to go to Kenya and in Kenya you had to sort out the coffee beans. Each one we did we got 2 stars if we got it right. In Pakistan we had to make shapes out of cubes and make a line of symmetry. Everyone had loads of fun. This was a really fun morning. Thank you pilot Teffer and co-pilot Teffer for this fun morning.


By Shane


On Monday 13th of December we made our Ancient Egyptian jewellery. One by one, we were called up to go into the Creative Room.  Everyone put their aprons on and started to mould the grey clay. On the 14th we painted our jewellery in different colours. The jewellery was starting to look really good! This was part of our Ancient Egypt topic.


by Prabhleen



As part of our topic studying the Ancient Egyptians, we made Egyptian Jewellery out of clay based on our own designs.



Professor McGinty is a very funny person and entertaining as well. I learned many interesting facts about Ancient Egypt from him like Pharaohs could be men or women.

By Farrah



Professor McGinty was making everyone laugh and also making Mrs Morgan laugh and Mr Smith laugh. And I loved that Professor McGinty scared everyone with the skull.

By Abubakr


Professor McGinty is very interesting and he makes us cry with laughter! He also teaches us facts about Ancient Egypt.

By Anish


I had a blast while watching Professor McGinty's hilarious act! Sydney and I almost experienced a heart attack due to having an Ancient Egyptian skull shoved in my face! But overall I had the time of my life.

By Hazel


On Wednesday 18th November 2015 Professor McGinty came to Perry Beeches Junior School to teach Year 6 about Ancient Egyptians. He said that the Egyptians shaved their hair and when they are eleven years old they can cut it off. I enjoyed it when there was a head under the cloth and Sydney let out a scream.

By Lauren





Here are some pictures from Professor McGinty's visit to talk to us about Ancient Egypt:







Have a look at what we got up to on Science Afternoon in Year 6: