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This morning we took part in Destination Maths. I had lots of really good fun. We had 12 countries to travel to such as: Kenya, Australia, France, Pakistan, China, Italy, Egypt, Canada, USA, Brazil, India. In addition to that, we had loads of activities to do in France, we had to make a bridge over the River Seine in Paris with a span of 50cm using three A4 pieces of paper and 30cm of sellotape. We then put two cubes on top to see if the bridge was strong enough. Also, in India we had to solve a code for the trains using numbers and letters so we could find out the answer to the maths questions. Then, we finished and landed our successful flight.

By Sophie.



This week we put the finishing touches to our Egyptian jewellery, below are some photos of our fantastic work.




As part of our topic studying the Ancient Egyptians, we made Egyptian Jewellery out of clay based on our own designs.





Professor McGinty came to our school on Wednesday 18th November to teach Year 6 about Ancient Egypt. Everyone in Year 6 was laughing. Two people in each class got to dress up. He will be coming back to teach Years 3, 4 and 5 about their topics.

By Louise



Here are some pictures from Professor McGinty's visit to talk to us about Ancient Egypt:




Have a look at what we got up to on Science Afternoon in Year 6: