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Welcome to Year 4

Enjoy this Christmas Performance from the children of 4KP...

Thank you to our wonderful children who sent in a video of them performing.

You are very talented!

Enjoy everyone.

Hello Year 4. We are very sorry that you aren’t in school at the moment. Luckily, the children from 4CP were able to record some of their festive performances before they had to isolate. 
If you would like to send in a video of you performing that we can share on our website, please email this to Mrs Doherty by Friday 11th December. 
Thank you. 

Hello Year 3, soon-to-be-Year 4, and we hope you are well. We've made a few videos for you to give you a bit of information about what you have to look forward to next year and to also give you a little bit of information about us - although you already know some of us rather well. We hope you enjoy the videos and have a good go at the tasks. Take care and we'll see you in September. 

You may already be aware of the staff in Year 4 next year but here's a quick recap:

4CP - Mrs Colling & Mrs Perreira (in the classroom formerly known as Birches)

4AP - Miss Parsons (in the classroom formerly known as Palms)

4KP - Miss Parmar (in the classroom formerly known as Spruces)

Teaching Assistants - Miss Jones & Miss Blakemore

Maths Inspire Workshop - Y4