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Welcome to Year 4

Hello Year 3, soon-to-be-Year 4, and we hope you are well. We've made a few videos for you to give you a bit of information about what you have to look forward to next year and to also give you a little bit of information about us - although you already know some of us rather well. We hope you enjoy the videos and have a good go at the tasks. Take care and we'll see you in September. 

You may already be aware of the staff in Year 4 next year but here's a quick recap:

4CP - Mrs Colling & Mrs Perreira (in the classroom formerly known as Birches)

4AP - Miss Parsons (in the classroom formerly known as Palms)

4KP - Miss Parmar (in the classroom formerly known as Spruces)

Teaching Assistants - Miss Jones & Miss Blakemore

Maths Inspire Workshop - Y4