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Craft Club is on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30 - 1:00pm with Miss Morgan in Spruces. Come along and create something cool.

A New School Year - 2016 - 2017

Craft Club - Tuesday 24th January 2017.

"I really enjoyed the last craft session. It was really fun and I wish it wasn't the last one" said Lauren (Magnolias).

"Today we made people, then we put them on a card. I can not believe it is the last craft lesson. We have all had so much fun" said Daisy (Magnolias).


Craft Club - Monday 23rd January 2017

"Today we made some cupcake cards that looked really good" said Meghan (Chestnuts).

"I loved the cupcake cards today because they were pretty and cute" said Holly (Magnolias).

"Today we made cupcake cards. It was super fun!!!" said Raiven (Palms).

Craft Club - Tuesday 17th January 2017.

Members of Craft Club helped year 4  create ribbon wands

for their Chinese New Year Assembly.

Ruby-Lee (Oaks Y3) stated "I really enjoyed Craft Club today.

We have made stuff for Chinese New Year."

Craft Club - Monday 9th January 2017.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. We made calendars.

Caitlin C (Elms) said "I enjoyed Art and Crafts."

Iman (Firs) said, "Today we made our own calendars. I really enjoyed it."

Monday 12th December - Craft Club.

Making more Christmas Cards.

Man said, " We made Christmas cards using a stencil, squared paper, glitter, snow flakes and I really enjoyed it."

Golden Time - Friday 9th December

Using wooden templates, the children designed their own Seasonal Cards.


Bringing Knitting Back

A group of Years Six and Five pupils helped Miss Morgan by knitting a few scarves for the snowmen and teddy bears that we sold at the Christmas Fayre.

Craft Club - Monday 5th December

The children made their own personalized Christmas Card for their loved ones.

WOW! They look great.

Golden Time - Friday 2nd December 2016

The children made their own Christmas baubles.

Alisha (Spruces) commented, "I like going to Art & Craft because we get to

make a lot of stuff, like Christmas Baubles."

Adam (Birches) commented, " This Art & Craft was awesome because we got

to make baubles."

Craft Club - Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November 2016.

The children made these lovely 3D Christmas trees.

Lola (Birches) commented, " Today and yesterday we made a Christmas tree and it was really fun. I enjoyed decorating them."

Raven (Palms) commented, "Today in craft was to do with Christmas and it was fun. We had green paper Christmas trees and we decorated them." 


Craft Club - Tuesday 22nd November

Children made cards with little shirts as toppers.

Mamunia (Willows) states, "Today in craft we made a shirt card.

I really enjoyed it. I made it for my uncle."

Chloe (Magnolias), " Today in craft we made cards with sentiments and a shirt.

It was so much fun. Miss Morgan showed us all how to make the shirts!"

Golden Time - Friday 18th November 2016.

Keeping in theme with Children in Need, the children created Superhero masks.

  Golden Time - Friday 11th November 2016

The children enjoyed making their book marks. Here are some of their comments:-

"I enjoyed making the bookmarks, because I had made them before." - Caitlin C - Elms.

"I really enjoyed decorating and creating the book marks, because I love art (cutting and sticking). I thank Miss Murphy and Miss Morgan." Harjas - Spruces.

"I loved making the bookmarks because I enjoyed designing mine to look like a cat (with a little help from my friend). Jessica - Spruces.


Craft club - Wednesday 9th November 2016

Eight Year Three children attended craft for the first time.

They all made corner book marks. 


"I really enjoy making the Diva lamps. It was a lot of fun.  My favourite part was when we finished them and when they all stood up they looked really beautiful." Millie - Spruces.

Lest We Forget

Craft Club - Monday 31st October 

The children made their own poppies and wore them with pride.

Meghan (Chestnuts) stated, "Today we made some easy poppy badges.

All you needed was card, tissue paper and a safety pin."

Iman (Firs) stated, " We wear a poppy to remember those that died in all the wars."

Golden Time - Friday 21st October

Alisha stated "In Arts and Craft we do lots of colouring and

sometimes we make cool stuff."

Ayanna stated,"Arts and Craft is a fun place to come."


Craft Club - Tuesday 18th October 

Molly (Chestnuts) said, "The flower card was a lot of fun to make.

Perfect for any occasion and very easy to make. I enjoyed it a lot."

Lauren (Magnolias) said, "I enjoyed craft because it's nice to make lots of very, very pretty and wonderful things. I feel proud to say to people I made them."

Craft Club - Monday 17th October 2016

Today in craft we made cards that are really nice and all different sizes.

  by Hannah (Magnolias)

I have learnt how to make a simple card, using card,paper and glue.

 by Harris (Chestnuts)

Golden Time - Friday 14th October 2016

"I enjoy making a card in Arts and Crafts. It was really fun and useful.

I enjoyed my golden time with Miss Morgan." - Maya (Elms)

"I enjoyed it because I think I will be an artist when I am older." - Caitlin (Elms)

"Today in golden time we made cards. I really enjoyed making these gorgeous cards. They were all different designs too!" - Lilly-Mae (Birches)

"I enjoyed the whole day because I was able to do Arts and Crafts" - Tyler (Birches)

"WOW! its my second time a Arts and Crafts. I love working with Miss Morgan."

- Ashley (Palms)


Craft Club - Wednesday 12th October

The children were able to choose their own activity. The drawings were excellent and two of the girls made little purses. Kaiden from Oaks stated " I really enjoyed it. that I want to go to craft every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday."

Kevin's picture is about saving animals.



Craft Club - Tuesday 11th October

"Today we made place mats for dinner." - Reegan (Cedars).

"I thought todays craft lesson was great :)" - Bryony (Oaks).

"I love art and craft." - Ruby-Lee (Firs).

Craft Club - Tuesday 4th October



Craft Club - Monday  3rd October 

Golden Time - Friday 30th September 2016.

The children made 3D shaped angry birds.

Charlie from Birches said " It was awesome."

Adanna from Firs said "I liked my first lesson. It was good, I made a square Angry Bird."

Mia from Oaks said " I enjoyed the arts and craft lesson.

It was amazingly good because we got to make 3d Angry Birds."

Ashley from Palms said "It was fantastic."


Craft Club - Wednesday 28th September

Dayna said "My sister got me a folder and this is a card for her, to say Thank You!"

"I like this design because it really inspired me to do more crafts at home" said Lola

"I enjoyed craft today. We made cards that said 'Thanks So Much.' It's very pretty" said Lilly

Craft Club - Tuesday 20th September

"We made rosettes for the school today. I really enjoyed it" said Mamunia.



Craft Club - Monday 19th September 2016.

More Mindfulness Art.

Craft Club - Monday 19th September 2016.

Today we made houses with one piece of paper.

It was really fun to create our designs on the houses.

Written by Libbi and Mia (Chestnuts and Magnolias).

Golden Time - Mindfulness Art - Friday 16th September 2016.

"I like this doodling because you get to be very creative." by Lola (Birches)

"I really had fun today designing a spiders web and I hope I can do this again." by Grace (Palms)

"Today we have been doing stuff to do with our imagination, like making patterns on webs or making things from shapes. I have really enjoyed it." by Harjas (Spruces)


Craft Club - Tuesday 13th September.

"Today we made something really cool.

I really enjoyed making the Pokemon" said Henry (Cedars).

Craft Club - Monday 12th September 

It seems that the children cannot get enough of making these cool fishes.


School Year - 2015/2016

Fishy, Fishy, Fishy.

Craft Club - Wednesday 20th July.

We made more fishes. Some of us made them at home.

Craft Club - Tuesday 18th July

" Today in craft we made some fish. It was fun and I want to do it again" - Meghan.

"I love it" - Sumaiyuh.

" I loved making the fish today and it was fun! - Aishan.

"Really Cool" - Lily T.

Creative Masks.

Golden Time - Friday 15th July 

Miss Morgans' craft idea was amazing and every bodies turned out exquisite.  

I am very sad that this is my last craft session.

By Anish.

Monday 11th July - Craft Club

Today we made easel cards.

Golden Time - Friday 8th July.

Chloe said, " Today in craft, we made some groovy people."

Harris said, " We used our imaginations to make our own projects."


Craft Club.

On Wednesday 6th July we made more little people.

Raven said "It was a lot of fun creating our people. It was very sticky."

Craft Club -Monday 4th July

Alisha said, "Today has been really good. Craft was fun."

The boys said, "This session was a sticky situation, but it was really, really fun. We recommend everyone should try it."

Craft Club - Monday 27th June

 We made colourful Elephants.

Basket Making

Craft Club - Wednesday 25th May.

"Today we made baskets. They were really fun and easy" said Lola.

" In craft it was really fun to make the baskets" said Millie.

We created baskets today and we were able to decorate them however we wanted.

Thank you to Miss Morgan" said Hanna

                                                                        Golden Time - Friday  20th May

  Comment from a pupil - It was my first time doing craft.

It was fantastic. I made a very simple basket which looked great.


Meghan stated  " Today was good because I made my first beautiful flower."


Craft Club - Monday 9th May

It was all girls today and they made pillow gift boxes.

Golden Time - Friday 6th May

We learnt how to draw and create a 3D hand ... Very cool!

Golden Time -  Friday 29th April

"It was my first time crafting with Miss Morgan and I made a cool star." 

"Miss Morgan's paper mechanics are amazing."

Comments from the boys.

Golden Time - Friday 22nd April

Today we celebrated the Queen turning 90 years old.

We learnt about her  family and made a family tree.

Nathalie stated "Today was amazing because I now know a lot more about

the Queen and her family.  It was  a lot of fun."

Craft Club - Wednesday 20th April

"Making the football puppets was very enjoyable. I loved colouring them in" said Shiaqa.

Craft Club - Monday 18th April

"Miss Morgan's stepper cards are fun and amazing to make" 

Golden Time - Friday 15th April.

" At craft today we made something different.

I thought it was the best session yet," said Chloe from Pines.



Happy Easter to everyone.

 Wishing you an eggcellent time.

Golden Time - 24th March.

We made eggcellent baskets. I think we smashed it.

They look great and Miss Morgan gave us all a chocolate egg.



Craft Club - Monday 21st March

In Craft club session , we learnt how to make a glitter egg for Easter.

It was very messy but we managed to create a series of eggs.

Thank you Miss Morgan for this eggciting session!

Written by Fred.


Today I had such fun. I made eggs in craft and got into a real mess!

Written by Tejal.



Craft Club - Monday 14th March

Today was a foot-tastic session. We made some football puppets . It was spectacular!

Written by a year 6 student.

Golden Time - 11th March

"Today in Golden Time we made our cards. Mine is for my mum,"  said Chloe.

Craft Club - Monday 7th March

 "Today at craft we made flowers with air drying dough"

by Tejal  (Cedars)



Craft Club - Tuesday 1st March

"Today, I attended Craft Club at Lunch time. I enjoyed it.

Miss Morgan always gives us tips on arts and crafts to help us.

She shows and supports us.

We make many projects which are nice."  -  Lauren  (year 6)

The template is available on the twinkl resources website.

Craft Club - Monday 29th February

"Today at craft we made these lovely Mothers' Day  Cards. They are amazing." - Abi (year 5)

Golden Time - Friday 26th February

"In craft we made male cards. I made mine for my dad" said Chloe.


Craft Club  - Tuesday 23rd February 

Craft is something you learn and achieve.



Craft Club - Monday 22nd February 2016

"Today was my first time at Craft Club. Crafting is a nice

and fun activitiy to do at school" said Amidat.


Golden Time - Friday 12th February

More Valentine cards.

Kara said "This was my first time at Craft Club.

It was really exciting and I will definitely be back."




Craft Club - Wednesday 10th February

Today we made Valentine cards for our loved ones.

Craft Club - Monday 8th February

"At lunch time I went to craft. We had designed our own cards using some pretty card and toppers. It was fantasic to make such a beautiful card"

said Meghan.

Golden Time - Friday 5th February.

"Craft was so fun. I loved making the penguin cards. It was so interactive"

said Daisy.

Last week I made some roses with Miss Morgan.

At the weekend I painted my roses red and purple. They look great.

Written by Brehanna (Sycamores).

Craft Club - Monday 1st February

Today the children made an embossed tri-fold card,

of which they decorated themselves.

Deeyah said " It was very creative and good to make."

Mamunia said "I really enjoyed it because it was really simple to male."



Golden Time - Friday 29th January 

Today we made roses from air drying clay with Miss Morgan and Mrs Hitchinson. It was great and enjoyable learning how to make them.

We all did a great job.


Craft Club - Wednesday 27th January

"Miss Morgan's easel cards are amazing. I'm very proud of mine." 

By Anish

Craft Club - Tuesday 26th January

"Today was amazing because we made this lovely box" said Nathelie.

"I had fun making my gift box" stated Alicia.



Craft Club - Monday 25th January

"It was a really good experience to learn how to make this card," said Fred.

"It's a really good gift to give to friends and family," said Stacey.

Golden Time - Friday 22/1/16

"I thought today was really good. I don't usually enjoy this kind of thing,

however it was my first time and I loved it."

 This was a quote from child who thought they would give crafting a go.

Craft Club -  Wednesday 20th January

"We made embellishments using air drying clay and moulds.

We enjoyed making them" said Lola (year 3).

Craft Club - Tuesday 19th January

Today we made roses. They were hard to make, but it was fun making them.

By Meghan.

Craft Club - Monday 18th January 2016

Ayanna stated " We made birthday cards for our friends and family. It was fantastic."

Golden Time - Friday 15th January 

Abi stated "At craft we made some fabulous cards."

Kristian stated "We designed and made our own cards."

Craft Club - Wednesday 13th January

We made some more punctuality and attendance rosettes for the whole school.

Craft Club - Monday 11th January 2016.

Sienna stated "It was great to make the cups."

Libby stated "I enjoyed making my cup."

Golden Time - Friday 8th January 2016.

Tejal stated " I really enjoy crafts because everyone can have fun

and join in with the activities."

Lauren also stated " I had lots of fun making my card. It was my first time."

Craft Club - Wednesday 6th January 2016

 Meghan said " We made roses and they turned out very pretty."

Mamunia said " Come to craft because you can make lots of fun things."

Craft Club (5/1/16) - We made simple cards today that looked great.

"During Craft Club today (14.12.15) I had a really good time

and I am proud of my finished work. It is called an easel card.

It was so easy and simple to do."  Written by Lauren year 6.

During Golden Time today (11/12/15)

the children were introduced to air drying clay.

They made some simple roses, which they can

 take home and decorate.

Craft Club - Wednesday 9th December 2015.

We created pirates, they look cool.

Today (8/12/15) we decorated foam Christmas trees.

Today (7/12/15) we made easel cards. They are very cool.

During Golden Time (4/12/15) we made a calendar for 2016.

The 3D deer was a little tricky, but they look great.

In Craft Club (1/12/15) we created Christmas easel cards.

During Golden Time (27/11/15) we made mini side stepper cards.

Khadijah said " It was fun to make."

One of the boys said" The mini stepper cards are amazing. They are fabulous."

Today (17.11.15) Prableem (y6), Henry (y4), Hayden (y4), Alishia (y4), Daniel (y4),

Nathalie (y6) and Fred (y6) helped to make some more rosettes

for school punctuality and 100% attendance awards.

Golden Time - Friday 13th December 2015

"In craft today I made a fab box" said Neive.

Craft Club - Wednesday 11th November 2015

We made easel cards. Lexi said, "This is my second time at Craft Club.

It is really good fun doing this activity."

Monday 9th November 2015 - Craft Club

"I like doing crafts because I like learning to make new things" said Leah.

Golden Time - Friday 6th November 2015.

Every Friday we do craft with Miss Morgan and we can make all sorts,

like cards, gifts and boxes for family and friends.

Written by Tejal.

I wanted to give my sister the best gift ever. So I made her a card.

Written by Adrienne.


We made poppies today (4/11/15) to remember the fallen in war.

"Miss Morgan's cards and projects are amazing" said Anish.

At Craft Club today we made more Halloween cards.

It was great to see the boys attending.

Wishing all my little crafters a great holiday.

- Miss Morgan -

Today we made Halloween cards. 

Meghan said,"It's really fun. Everyone should come and make something." Another student mentioned,"We are the best card makers is school."


Craft Club - Monday 19th October 2015

In craft club today the corner bookmarks were a big success.

Golden Time - 16th October

Deeya from Sycamores said,"Today we made swing cards, it was a lot of fun."

 Meghan from Magnoliasalso commented " I made a card for my mum, because I love her."

This week the children in  craft club made new punctuality

and 100% attendance rosettes for the school.

Golden Time - Friday 9th September.

Nathalie stated " Today was fun with Miss Morgan."

Jessica commented " Every time I go to craft,

I take home something great."

Golden Time - 2/10/15 - Meghan stated " Crafting today was amazing."

Craft Club - 28/9/15 ... More boxes.

Craft Club - Monday 28th September 

"Everyone's card looks lovely."

Golden Time - Friday 25th September

Phoebe said " The boxes turned out really well. I'm going to give mine to my mum."


Today (23/9/15) we made gift boxes.

Golden Time  (18.9.15)  

Kelsey (Y6) said "I love crafting.

I have even started crafting at home."

Craft Club (16/09/15) - Made these lovely cards.

Sydney says"I love Craft Club, I wish it was longer than 30 minutes.

The cards we make are fantastic." Another student said "I wish we did it every day."

We made rocking cards in Craft Club today. Priyesh in Palms said "I love my card, it's nice."

"Today (14/9/15) at Craft Club we made baskets ... WOW!" said Paige.

Golden Time - 11th Sept -" We made rocker cards, they are cool."

 " It was great making these bows"
" It was great making these bows"

Craft Club - Monday 7th September 2015 - We made simple cards.


Last Year 2014/15

Using the Spellbinder Sapphire
Using the Spellbinder Sapphire

Kray (year 6) commented "It's my first time and it's nice."

Friday 3rd July  2015 - Golden Time.

Malaika (Yr 6) stated " I enjoy crafts because of Miss Morgan,

she makes it special and unique.

Tuesday 30th June 2015 - Craft Club.

Jennifer states " I think craft is really fun, because it lets your imagination explode."

Tianna states " Today we learnt to make a card. It was good fun to create it."



Monday 29th June 2015 - Craft Club

Friday 26th June 2015 - Golden Time

19th June 2015 - Golden Time
19th June 2015 - Golden Time
We made Fathers Day cards for the men in our lives.
We made Fathers Day cards for the men in our lives.

12th June 2015 - Golden Time    

"We decorated embossed cards".

10th June 2015 - Craft Club. "We made little booklets, how cool. They are sick !"


3rd June 2015 - Craft Club.

Holly said "These cards are BEAUTIFUL !"

2nd June 2015 - Craft Club
2nd June 2015 - Craft Club

"They are so effective" says Libby.

1st June 2015 - Craft Club
1st June 2015 - Craft Club
20th May 2015 - Craft Session.
20th May 2015 - Craft Session.




15th May 2015 - Golden Time
15th May 2015 - Golden Time
13th May - Craft Club            "We made flextangles today, they are amazing."
13th May - Craft Club "We made flextangles today, they are amazing."




12th May - Craft Club - We made gate fold cards with embossed and die cut  papers.
12th May - Craft Club - We made gate fold cards with embossed and die cut papers.


11th May 2015 - Craft Club
11th May 2015 - Craft Club
"It is wonderful" said Sahar.
"It is wonderful" said Sahar.

8th May - Golden Time     

Sienna (year 6) said "The cards that we made today are very different, but nice."



  6th May - Craft Club  

 "It's fun at Craft Club and the cards we make always look good."  said Derri-Ann

     5th May - Craft Club          "Crafting is fun. They look very beautiful when they are finished."  Says Holly .

                                      1st May 2015 - Golden Time  

              Sienna says " I  like the rocker card that I made. It is very different."

                     29th April - Craft Club.    Jessica said " My card is awesome. It is a fun subject in school."

                                             24th April - Golden Time               Phoebe says "I love my card."

                                       22nd April -Craft Club             " It was really  fun making this card" said Shazeda

                                                           21st  April -  Craft Club              "Miss Morgan's cards are the best".

                                                        20th April - Craft Club          "The cards are simple and creative"  said Ruby.

                                                                                                 17th April - Golden Time

                                  13th, 14th & 15th April - Craft Club                "This is so cool"    

                                            If you would like a copy of the template ask Miss Morgan in Sycamores