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Beeches Junior School

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Introducing Our Governors...


Andrew Thorp (Co-opted) Chair of Governors

I have been a Parent Governor at Beeches Junior School since September 2016. I currently have two children at the school and feel privileged to be an active part of the decision making process for not only my own, but all children attending the school. I am passionate about children's experience of school life at Beeches Juniors, as I was once a pupil here myself sometime ago.

I am Chair of the Standards, Achievement and Curriculum Committee and also the Numeracy Governor.

Prior to being appointed at the Juniors I completed a full term of office at the infant school as Parent Governor.

In my professional career, I currently work as a Trainee Underwriter for a Birmingham based insurance broker.

Katie Dugmore (Co-opted) Vice Chair

I joined Beeches Junior School as a Parent Governor in 2015. I really enjoy being part of a team that makes crucial decisions regarding the running of our school. I have been married for 15 years and we have four boys. In my professional career I run my own business designing and making silver and 3D printed Jewellery. As part of my work I support mission work overseas that rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking and have travelled to Cambodia to teach jewellery making at Be Free Cambodia. I teach creative workshops and more recently speak at conferences promoting awareness around domestic abuse.

I am passionate about the safety and well being of our young people and currently serve as the Safeguarding and Pupil Premium Governor.

Yasmin Khan (Parent)

I have been a parent governor since 2019, and it's a privilege to be able to work alongside my fellow governors and leadership team in strategizing and shaping the future of the school.

I am a qualified accountant and I have worked for both private and public sectors.  I currently work as a cash flow accountant within a college.  I have also worked as an auditor and been involved in an extensive range of audits, carrying out independent appraisals of the effectiveness of policies, procedures and standards.  I believe this experience would equip me with the skills to support and challenge the school to deliver on its visions for the future of the children. 

I have two boys, one of which has recently left the school and another that is still attending the school.  The boys have achieved and thrived within the school environment and gained many social and academic skills along the way.  Throughout their journey, their teachers have been excellent role models and enabled them to grow into well rounded individuals.

I believe that all young minds must be nurtured and challenged to enable them to have the confidence to achieve their goals and aspirations.  Schools are much more than an academic institution; they are safe havens for young talented minds to be creative, make friends, be active and enjoy the simplicity of life.  As a governor I will endeavour to ensure that the interests of the children are at the heart of the decisions that are made.

Farhana Moula (Co-opted)

Promoting and nurturing a sense of community is something I deeply believe in and hope to do as a governor at our esteemed school. Having worked for the Birmingham City Council Planning Department since 1999 I have acquired a great level of experience and knowledge about our city. My current role as a Planning and Regeneration Support Officer has allowed me to engage in a large number of projects across Birmingham, which instills ambition, innovation and creativity into the young people. 

It is a fact that our children represent the future for tomorrow; Beeches Junior School ensures that that tomorrow is bright, brave and inspirational.  All three of my children attend Beeches schools, and I have witnessed them grow holistically and academically.  I hope to support my fellow governors and the staff at our school to embrace a thirst for lifelong learning and encourage our children to exceed expectations.

Mike Smart (Headteacher)

Part of my role as Headteacher of the school is to serve as a member of the governing body.  The governing body at Beeches Junior School is a strong, supportive group with a very clear focus on our children; it is a pleasure to work with them.  The governors have a wide range of backgrounds and skills, and offer a fresh perspective on our work in school.

I have experienced working in the role of a parent governor, having spent seven years as a governor at my children's junior school, including two years as Chair of Governors.  I know how demanding the role can be, and I am extremely grateful to my fellow governors for the time they give and their commitment to our children. 

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