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Beeches Junior School

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School Council

At Beeches Junior School, all the children are encouraged to express their opinions and to share their thoughts on how we can best improve our school.  Each class has a School Council Representative that is responsible for bringing their own ideas and that of their class members to weekly meetings.  As well as being role models to other students they also act as the student voice and advocate the ideas shared by their peers in a bid to negotiate what changes the school can make to ensure a happy, safe and friendly environment for our children to learn in.  By doing this, The School Council enable changes that benefit the whole school, pupils and the staff.

Representatives are chosen at the start of the school year and are chosen based on their ability to demonstrate a consistent positive and friendly attitude; a decision that is made jointly by their class teacher, their class peers and the School Council Coordinator, Mrs. Liddington. 

The School Council Representatives are given very important tasks within the school to help develop the way in which school runs.  This includes gaining ideas that have supported changes to the behaviour policy, changes to Golden Time, and changes to the school colour team names, to name a few.

As a rights respecting school, The School Council play a fundamental role in fulfilling Article 3 “All actions and decisions that affect you should be based on what is best for you or any child” and Article 12 “When adults are making decisions that affect you, you have the right to say freely what you think should happen and have your opinion taken into account”.

These students do a fantastic job of taking into consideration everyone’s view point and bringing forth ideas that would benefit everyone within the school community.