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At Beeches, we have always believed that Science should be a familiar and enjoyable part of the curriculum. These ideas are now embodied within the programmes of study of the National Curriculum. 

We look upon Science as a rational way of finding out about the world. Our children should not merely be compelled to learn a set of facts but should be encouraged to think and work in a scientific manner. We want them to develop scientific understanding by using their existing skills and knowledge to solve problems and carry out investigations about themselves and the environment.

A light blub moment

Palms (year 4) exploring circuits as part of their science topic on electricity on

Friday 13th January 2017.


Science at Great Barr

On 30th November, Pines (Y5) visited Great Barr School.

"The visit was interesting because its a big school. 

The experiment was different to what we have done

in Beeches School.  I really enjoyed the afternoon!" quoted James.


Thursday 1st December 2016

Cedars (Y5) visited the science department at Great Barr School.


Science Day - Tuesday 15th November 2016

Awesome Air Resistance !

Rapid Rockets!

Mesmerizing Magnetism!

More pictures of a fantastic  Science day.

We looked at the following projects,  'Dynamic Dissolving!,' 'Let there be light,' 'Stupendous Structures!,' 'Brilliant Bones' 'Scintillating Sounds,' and 'Illuminating Lava Lamps.'

Taylor (Spruces) said, " Air dynamics and gravity- I loved it especially the balloons. They were the best."

Insaf (Spruces) said, "There is a force called THRUST. This gives the rockets the propulsion which causes it to move."

Layla and Havwa (Spruces) said, "William Gilbert studied magnets for 20 years. It has to be a particular type of metal (Steel, Nickel, Cobalt and Iron) so that the magnet can attract. We used a paper clip.

Tyrese  (Spruces) said " We made a type of lava lamp, looking at immiscible mixtures."

Alfie (Spruces) commented at the end of the day, " It was amazing!"

Summer-Lea (Spruces) said, "The whole day was fun because there were loads of fun things to do with Science."

Sandra (Spruces) stated, " I enjoyed the Lava Lamps so much."

Outdoor Science

Photos taken by the children.

Today (12/5/16) Sycamores made volcanoes. We used some bicarbonate of soda, some vinegar (with orange dye added), a small cup  and some soil.

We mixed them all together and we had a volcano. 

Written by Inass.

Irreversible and reversible

Today (11/5/16) we did a science experiment to mix and see if two substances would mix together, e.g, water and salt. The salt would dissolve in the water and you could get it back when the water evaporated. This is called reversible. However some of the mixes we did were irreversible and fizzed up. It was great fun. Thank you to Mrs Yoshida for setting up the activity.

                                                              Written by Harry (Sycamores).

Investigating Sound.

We had fun investigating sound.

We learnt that sound is caused by vibrations.

We learnt that sound needs a carrier: air, solid or water.

from Birches (Year Four). 



Water Resistance

Today (11/2/16) we made brilliant boats. We tested out boats to see which one stayed afloat the longest in the water. 

                                                     Written by Deeya.


Today we made boats using paper, sellotape and paper clips. We learnt about water resistance and streamlining our boats. We then tested if they floated on water. They did. All the boats looked perfect. 

                                                       Written by Dhru.


Sycamores are learning about Air Resistance

Today (2/2/16)  we made our own parachutes from three types of material:  newspaper, foil and tracing paper. Which one flies better?

"Today (26/1/16) we made a paper helicopters and discussed how Galileo discovered Air Resistance," said Inass.

"We have been making helicopters and I really liked it very much," said Owen.

We tested our helicopters

They work - YEAH!!! filmed by Alfie



Galileo Galillei

1564 - 1642

Sycamores did some cross curriculum work on Galileo.

Sycamores are learning about 'Fantastic Forces'.

Daisy stated, "I loved our lesson. We learnt how Isaac Newton

discovered gravity by sitting under an apple tree.

The apple fell from the tree and hit him on the head."

Birches are bright sparks

Birches have enjoyed learning about Circuits and Conductors.

" We learnt how to construct a circuit and that all materials conduct electricity. Materials that do not conduct electricity are called insulators."


Year Five visit Great Barr Secondary School

         for fun with Harry Potter Science.

         For more information, visit the Year Five tab.

Our science afternoon was fun!

On Monday 12th October pupils enjoyed a variety of practical activites ranging from exploring magnets to making lava lamps and telephones.

The children learnt a lot based on the scientific concepts of sound, light, air resistance, friction, magnetism, chemical changes and immiscible liquids. 


Autumn 2015: Cedars learnt about the Earth, Sun and Moon. They produced some brilliant models and homework,

which are all displayed on their working wall.

Science Day 2014