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Beeches Junior School

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At Beeches, we have always believed that Science should be a familiar and enjoyable part of the curriculum. These ideas are now embodied within the programmes of study of the National Curriculum. 

We look upon Science as a rational way of finding out about the world. Our children should not merely be compelled to learn a set of facts but should be encouraged to think and work in a scientific manner. We want them to develop scientific understanding by using their existing skills and knowledge to solve problems and carry out investigations about themselves and the environment.

UPDATE: February 12th 2020.  New Content and information will be available soon, but whilst you wait Mrs Pereira and Mrs Colling would like to give you a very important date for your diaries!


This Year's Whole School Science Day will be held on Monday 9th March 2020!  Start getting your T-Shirt ready !