Beeches Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B42 2PY

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Beeches Junior School

Aspire, Believe, Strive, Achieve

Beeches Junior School Vision

At Beeches Junior School, we aim to provide a warm, friendly and secure environment, conducive to learning.  Our school should be a place where children and adults can feel safe, happy and cared for.  We want school to be a place of learning, of friendship and of fun and laughter.  All around we aim to have reminders of the learning that takes place here, the exciting events that we take part in and the friendships we make.  We take care of our building and grounds, and we all work together to make sure that we can always be proud of our school.

 Our children are at the centre of all we do and all we are trying to achieve.  We aim to equip our children to be comfortable with their own identity and proud of who they are; to be confident, creative, articulate learners with excellent all-round skills, enabling them to work independently and collaboratively.  We want our children, now and throughout their lives, to have aspirations – to dream of what they might achieve in the short and long term; to have belief in themselves and their ability to reach their goals; to develop resilience and a strong work ethic, knowing that making mistakes is part of the learning process, and having the determination to keep going and overcome difficulties; to achieve their aims, and experience and celebrate success.

 Everyone at Beeches Junior School is expected to show respect to all other people.  We aim for our children to develop a deep-seated respect for others and to celebrate difference.  All members of our school community, adults and children, work together, play together and learn together and are kind to each other.  We are diverse but united!