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Beeches Junior School

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At Beeches, we place a great importance on the development of children’s competence in communication using the English language through reading.

Led by Mrs Widdows


The importance of reading is paramount and we have a structured approach in school to support children’s reading development. Children need to learn to respond to the written word in a variety of formats and are, therefore, given a wide experience of different types of text.  Lower School are taught through a highly structured guided reading process and Upper School children have an hour lesson each week with an additional, shorter 'free reading' session.

Each writing unit is based on a high quality text.  Children are also introduced to key authors and poets through a carefully structured planning system. Classes have an end of day reading session, which is another opportunity to enjoy text.

We are very proud of our resourcing for reading and encourage you to visit our outstanding library.

Reading at home is complementary to this and books are taken home to enable parents to listen to their children read and also read with them.  We have just launched our brand new home reader system that is designed to further motivate children to 'get lost in a book'.


When choosing their home reading books, children are encouraged to read a range of genres.  Once they have completed their genre checklist, this is also recognised in assembly with a certificate and a parent invite.

We celebrate our enjoyment of reading on World Book Day in March where a number of exciting opportunities are organised for the whole day.  This year we dressed a potato as our favourite book character.  They were very creative!

In 2015, we were proud to be one of the few schools that were visited by David Walliams when Mrs Yoshida won a writing competition.  He landed on our field in a helicopter and was interviewed by two of our children.  

Please see our Twitter feed for images of the exciting events held at our school.


Reading Strategies

Use the pictures for clues
Sound out and blend the letters
Look for smaller words hiding inside bigger words
Cut up the words into syllables
Use the punctuation to help it to make sense
Go back and read again if you don't understand
Read on to see if you can make sense of the word
Listen to the words as you read them
Look to see if the word is similar to one that you know
Imagine what is happening
Ask questions that will help if you don't understand
Know your mistakes and put them right


Thanks go to for the posters and bookmarks that we use in school.