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Beeches Junior School

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Our sports Event at

Perry Beeches Academy.

Today, Year 5 did some sports activities: DT, drama, dodgeball and indoor athletics. I really enjoyed our visit.

 By Henry.


  Today, we went over to  Perry Beeches Academy to do lots of sports like: dodgeball, indoor athletics and lots more.  My favourite sport was dodgeball.

 By Jaya


During this half term in year 5, we have been looking at the emergency services as part of our Communication topic.



Today (6th February) Mrs Woodward showed us how to put an injured person into the recovery position.  Also how to use a sling and how to stop a nose bleed.

Kelsey (Cedars) said "I enjoyed putting Aliya into the recovery position, It was fun! "


Year 5

Cedars, Sycamores and Pines

On Thursday 13th October 2016  year 5 pupils went to Perry Beeches Academy.

We arrived in the hall and sat down to watch a fun show, which was put on by the secondary school pupils.

The preformance was about Black History Week and included drama, singing and dancing. We then rehersed our own plays.

At the end we all preformed infront of everyone. Cedars danced, Pines sang and Sycamores acted.

Overall our experience was fantastic!

Written by Kaneez (Cedars).


Year 5 went to Perry Beeches Academy and Cedars did dance and then put it together as a big preformance. Then Pines did a big song about Black History and Sycamores did some slave drama.

It was alot of fun.

Written by Stacey (Cedars)






.  Week beginning 3rd July

Group 1 - A Week 2















Group 2 - A Week 1


                        earnest            search

French           palace            circle             cities

          honest         engine            mistake            giant

  divide          excuse              throne         choke

             clothes         owe        area            idea 

We put wool on top of one another to make a picture.  Then wet them and gave them a good squish!  When we unrolled them our pictures were there!  

  By Kelsey

Children from Beeches Junior School, Priestley Smith and Beeches Infant School have been creating felt pieces!

This week we focused on first aid and what to do in an emergency. In our communication lesson we have researched, discussed and took part in practical first aid scenarios. Using all of this we have created videos, leaflets and posters to inform and educate others about basic first aid.



On 3rd February Year 5 were creating a collage using plastic with Beeches Infant School and Priestley Smith School.