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Year 6

Practicing Spelling and Grammar at home.

A great way to practice your spellings at home is to use the following website: On the website you can focus on the key word rules from each primary year group. There are two main, free functions: Spelling Tiles and Practice/test.

Spelling Tiles gives a selection of activities that break the words down to help learn the words while the Practice/Test function tests you on the rule.


Underneath this text box, you will find the Grammatical Terms that the majority of Year 6 will be revisiting over the next six weeks. has lots of good explanation guides and I will be uploading further resources to help support.

On Thursday (28th November) Year six went on a WW2 trip to Beaumanor Hall. We travelled there by coach which took approximately 1 hour-it was in Leicestershire. We did loads of exciting activities while we were there. (All groups did things at different times so this isn’t in order).  

We went into a WW2 school: we made identity cards, Christmas postcards and we made a spinning top as a Christmas present for someone we lived with.

Next, we were lead into an underground air raid shelter, where we listened to a recording of bombs dropping and sirens going off. It was an immersive experience, because it was designed to feel realistic. It was scary and also a bit exciting because we’ve never heard this before!

After that, we walked over to the listening station. From the outside it looked like it was a cottage with normal doors and windows. However, when we looked inside, there was desks with radios, headphones and code sheets to help us work out the messages.

Overall, I think we all had a great time.  It was really fun having this experience and we learnt a lot in the process. Thanks to the year six teachers for taking the time to plan this trip.

                By Mia (Magnolias) and Wilson (Willows).

To practice your arithmetic skills, download the file below for a generated arithmetic paper. Once you have completed it, press the F9 Key and it will generate a whole new set of numbers for your questions. 

Please don't forget to check your active learn website for maths activities set by your teacher and also TT Rockstars!

For any support on how to complete any of the questions, either email Mr Wheatley or click here.

 arithmetic SATs paper practice.xlsxDownload
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